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An apparel brand that lets you take the characters and series
that make your heart flutter with you all 365 days through real clothes.


EMooooN is a new apparel brand jointly produced by KADOKAWA and Chara-Ani.
Our proposal is to provide fans with high-end fashion items with simple
and smart designs that are appropriate for any situation,
thus allowing fans to carry the series,
characters and scenes that make their heart beat in their daily outfits.

The subtle yet tactful design is meant to allow you to quietly enjoy
carrying your passion with yourself while at the same time being able to express your emotions
and excitement to fellow fans.
In a nutshell, our items allow fans to continue asserting their fandom
in their everyday lives in an inconspicuous way.

We stand firm in the belief that such items are sure to bring more joy
into our daily routines as they allow fans to further express themselves.Based on this perspective,
the name "EMooooN" was chosen as an amalgamation of "Emotional"
(the characters and scenes that we are passionate about)
and "Put on" (the idea that we also express ourselves through our clothing).

Our brand mission is to join forces with high-end apparel manufacturers both in Japan
and overseas to develop high quality products that will move the hearts of anyone who holds them.